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Meeting in Sofia 2013

The Bulgarian capital welcomed us by for us in November unusually sunny and warm weather. This time, being invited by our colleague Stanislav Filipov, we had the possibility to get acquainted with the activities of the office of a Bulgarian notary. Also our colleague from Romania, Dr. Florentina Marinescu, a notary in Bucharest, joined us. Mr. Dr. Filipov had organized for us not only absorbing historical presentation about primeval Bulgarian culture, but also a dinner and a visit of a music club in the rhythm of modern trends. For me personally was surprising how much inspiration finds the Bulgarian notary practice in western European legislation, in particular the German legislation. As an example I would like to mention a legal rule in accordance with which a Bulgarian notary may use only one official seal. The aim is to coordinate the work of a notary so that everyone could ensure good level of the instruments being drafted. It is interesting. This was not a surprise for my colleagues. Only in the Czech Republic a notary may have unlimited number of round official seals…

Heartfelt thanks to Sofia to my colleague and his wife for the invitation.